Beyond Your Imagination, Comedy Hypnosis Show

On behalf of The Pinnacle Corporation and our conference attendees, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you for the superb hypnotist show you put on for our annual Pinnacle Summit. This was simply the best entertainment we have ever had.

I am pleased that the conference went so well and that you were an integral part of its success. Your high degree of quality, professionalism, and ability to keep the crowd entertained was most appreciated. It was a pleasure meeting and working with you and I highly recommend your show to anyone that would like to have an event with first rate entertainment.
I look forward to working with you in the future!
Lee Pritchett
Manager, Event Planning
The Pinnacle Corporation
On Behalf of Wal*Mart we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving our associates the pleasure of viewing and interacting with your “Hypnotist Show” at our Christmas Party. For days after our associated kept playing over and over in our associate lounge the videos from you that we were able to purchase. Hearing all the laughter coming from our lounge was a well needed morale booster. The associates comments are that your show made this the very best Christmas Party this store has had in 18 years.
Thank You
Wal-Mart – Millie – Corp. Entertainment Director:
From Associates at Wal*Mart 945
You will definitely be hearing from us again!!!!!! “We have seen many hypnotist but you are the best. Simply outstanding! We laughed so hard for over an hour that our sides are sore. We will have you back next year. Wal-Mart managers.
WOW, your the best we have ever seen! Can’t wait to have you back. The best entertainer we have ever had.
Hilton Inn, Inc. Corporate Director, Grapevine, Tx
WOW – we would not have believed it if we had not seen it with out own eyes. Right in the middle of our game room, Dr. Rick gave a 30 second talk to the crowed about hypnosis, asked for volunteers, and POW! Each person was OUT in less than 1 Second each. Even our waiters and waitresses were going out. He just has the touch! As soon as they walked up to him and he said sleep – People just DROPPED to the floor. I have never seen anything like this in all my life. He is the best and fastest hypnotist we have ever seen. The whole restaurant was soon gathered around watching him do his SLEEP THING! What a crowed pleaser he is. He did his whole performance from beginning to end in only 20 minutes. Again, Just powerful to watch. The crowd was begging for more as he walked out the door with a grin saying, have management book my show and I will be back. People were grabbing his cards that he had left with us like crazy!
Copper Caboose – Lubbock, Tx
Absolutely the best entertainment we have ever had. “True to his claim” “No one was embarrassed. No feelings hurt. A good time was had by all” Parkhill, Smith & Cooper, Inc.
Engineers, Architects, Planners
Lubbock, El Paso, Midland, Amarillo, Odessa
I have never seen anything like it. Young people were instantly dropping to the floor when Dr. Rick touched them. The show was so great, I laughed and laughed until my sides were hurting. What a show. Everyone should see Dr. Rick’s show. Very impressed.

The young people were so excited before and after the show. What a night of fun. Look forward to catching as many of Dr. Rick’s shows that we can.

Uncle Manny’s Pizza House
Ö.Dr. Rick Honea is marvelous at what he does, and I couldnít believe he could hypnotize the professional people he did. Thanks to him and his show, the newly formed Lubbock Restaurant Associationís first meeting, was fantastic.
Tina Armstrong
First Impressions Quality Service Company
Lubbock, Texas

Our graduation night was a 100% success. Everyone is still raving about how much fun
they had at the hypnosis show. You are a powerful speaker and showman. We will have
you back.
Sterling High School, OK
I have never seen people laugh so hard in all my life.
Cap-Rock Winery
W Productions
You should be in Las Vegas – your show is that good.
Our father daughter banquet was a riot. Your show was outstanding. Everyone is still
laughing their heads off about the show. Youíre the best.
Four Bar K. Lubbock, Tx
“Hypnotism is a great way to show how we can use the power of the mind that God has given us — sad truth is we only use about 20 % and I plan on showing that we can learn to think outside the box — we can learn to use more than just the limited imagination that we are using today — that is why I chose the name Beyond Your Imagination. My goal is to get people to using their creative power that God has given to each of us and not live our lives with limited imaginations. The majority of people today do not know how to create a better life for themselves because they are limited by the small amount of imagination that they have learned to depend on, in other words — they do not vision themselves living better lives, having better relationships, etc.. so they simply settle for what they think they have to have.”

I was taught by a good successful friend that “SUCCESS is an inside job” and that – is the
key to making changes in your life. It has to come from inside you. Whether you call it
Hypnosis, Mediation, Being Focused, etc… it can help jump start that process of change
in you. — Dr. Rickey Honea, Th.D.,CH. —