Dr H has one of the most exciting and fun filled comedy stage hypnosis shows in the U.S.A.

Everyone on stage becomes the STARS of the show.

Ideal for Schools, Colleges, Corporate Events, Casinos, Fundraisers, Resorts, Banquets, Cruise Ships, Fairs, Youth Outreach, Churches, Etc …all good, clean fun entertainment for all ages!

Dr H explodes on the stage with an amazing high energy power packed Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show! The Fun, The Thrills and The Uncontrollable Laughter are always the highlight of every event. Your group will remember this event for a life time! Powerful demonstrations of the human mind!



Rapid induction





“Hypnotism is a great way to show how we can use the power of the mind that God has given us — sad truth is we only use about 20 % and I plan on showing that we can learn to think outside the box — we can learn to use more than just the limited imagination that we are using today — that is why I chose the name Beyond Your Imagination.

My goal is to get people to using their creative power that God has given to each of us and not live our lives with limited imaginations. The majority of people today do not know how to create a better life for themselves because they are limited by the small amount of imagination that they have learned to depend on, in other words — they do not vision themselves living better lives, having better relationships, etc.. so they simply settle for what they think they have to have.”

I was taught by a good successful friend that “SUCCESS is an inside job” and that – is the
key to making changes in your life. It has to come from inside you. Whether you call it
Hypnosis, Mediation, Being Focused, etc… it can help jump start that process of change
in you. — Dr. Rickey Honea, Th.D.,CH.