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Why Hire Dr. H?  

Why Hire Dr. H?

Dr. H is one of the most sought-after speakers in America, speaking to associations, corporations, and conferences around the country. As a keynote speaker and motivational trainer, Dr. H recharges, entertains, and empowers his audiences with more than 200 presentations plus per year. Dr. H is known for his unique onstage skills and has presented to more than a million people with audiences as large as 3,000 plus.

Despite his overwhelming success, his message and demeanor retains simplicity and humility. Recent clients include Wal-Mart Corporation, the Pinnacle Corporation, Parkhill, Smith & Cooper, Inc., Sam Houston State University Criminal Justice Department, Texas Association of Forensic Hypnotists, Xyolhemeylh Child and Family Services of Chilliwack, BC, and many more. As Kim of the , Sam Houston State University stated, "We opened our annual stage conference with Dr. H and he was a huge hit… standing ovation to kick things off!"

Dr. H is the author of several books, audio-tapes, DVD's and motivational seminars. Dr. H uses humor to illustrate even his darkest moments, leaving his audience in stitches, while delicately weaving a powerful message of principles. His themes involve living a character-driven life, changing our outlook to change our lives, and learning how to laugh. Using all of his skills, Dr. H believes and transfers these powerful life changing truths, to everyone who sees and experiences his programs. These power golden nuggets will make us more successful professionally, personally, and will even teach us the skills to better our relationships.

The Beyond Your Imagination presentation, described as "mind-blowing and life changing" was developed by Dr. H as a means of driving each message home through a visual and audible presentation. As one recent CEO 's of Wal-Mart stated, "Dr. H, your program is one of the most incredible life changing events that I have ever experienced! Thank you!"

Dr. H specializes in keynotes, banquets, conferences, special events, motivational events and much more. Each speech and program is catered to the event's theme and client needs.

Every meeting planner who has used Dr. H will attest... He is professional, effective, and the highlight of any event. Check out his bio, reviews and demo!

Overview Directly From Dr. H:

It's hard to give our best and activate our potential when we are worn out, stressed out and burned out. We live in such busy and changing times. And if we don’t acknowledge what's important or take the time to renew ourselves, we become stale, uptight, negative and frustrated. It's hard to produce solutions when our mind might be clouded with stress and overwhelming "to do" lists. 

I don't just talk about the messages I give. I also challenge myself to live the message everyday. To me, integrity makes the message real. I also like to keep the message simple, because I think we complicate simplicity way too much. The truth is, when we get better, life gets better. 

The way I communicate is with great sincerity. I understand the value of time and want to maximize it to the fullest. I use humor to get my points across, because it helps my audiences hear and remember the lessons. 

The big bonus to my presentation, of course, is the Power Of The Mind Presentation. Our program is the homerun that meeting planners hope for. Almost always, the person who invited me gets heavily praised from people in the audience and their employer.  

One client said, "I have never gotten praised like that ever from my supervisor until your presentation." I hear statements like this all the time. 

The Beyond Your Imagination show with Dr. H is something unexpected and unlike anything you will find elsewhere. The entertaining and speaking skills of Dr. H reinforces his message in a strong and very powerful way. The Power of the Mind demonstrations are not only entertaining and captivating but they will make the messages for your group stick. It allows us to experience the message in a captivating way that's unique and valuable to any event. Many speak of our show even years later. Impacting our attitudes long term is everything!


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