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What Is Hypnosis?

What Is Hypnosis:

Dr. H - Christian Hypnotist (Radio Interview)


Some have said that "Hypnosis" is a naturally induced state of concentration—a state of mind and body in which we communicate suggestions to our subconscious mind. 

I describe it this way: Hypnosis is simply magnified concentration attached to a foundational belief system. 

Actually "Hypnosis" is two parts: 
#1. simply bypassing the critical factor called the conscious mind and 
#2. allowing acceptable suggestions to be accepted as fact into the subconscious mind by the person in hypnosis.

Notice the word accepted. If the person in hypnosis accepts the suggestion then and only then will the suggestion become as fact to them.

Both of the explanations above are acceptable.

This part of our mind influences what we think, how we feel, and the choices we make. 

There is no magic to achieving success with self-hypnosis. The Creator who created us designed our mind, brain, conscious and subconscious and He deigned them to work together for our good. The way they all function together is exactly according to His design. Their is no mystery here.  

The mind is simply that part of us that allows us to create thought. Those created thoughts are then processed by the brain. The brain uses a filtering system call the conscious which filters everything before it is allowed into our subconscious. The subconscious is our main bio computer and storage bank. The conscious and subconscious mind is the built in safety feature that God has given to us to protect us.  

The process of hypnosis is a great tool for overcoming our fears, habits, to deal with the pressures of life, etc. Our mind and brain uses the process of hypnosis daily to help guide us and protect us through life. 

Anyone who chooses to can reach deep relaxation and redirected focus. Hypnotism is as ancient as civilization. Early cultures used hypnosis for religious and healing purposes. The ability to hypnotize was considered to be supernatural. Not until the 18th Century was any attempt made to turn hypnosis into a science. A serious medical interest in hypnotism developed during both World Wars I and II to treat shell-shocked soldiers. 

In 1955 the British Medical Association approved hypnosis for the treatment of psychoneurosis and to relieve the pain of childbirth and surgery. In 1958 the Council on Mental Health of the American Medical Association gave hypnotism its approval.

There is a relationship between intelligence and the ability to be hypnotized; anyone with average or above-average intelligence can be hypnotized. You cannot be hypnotized against your will. If you resist it will not work: hypnosis requires your consent. You remember everything and you will not reveal intimate secrets while hypnotized. You cannot become “stuck” in hypnosis since you retain the control. If you have ever driven the highway and begun to day-dream and you drive past your exit, you have experienced hypnotism.

Hypnosis Facts:

  1. Hypnosis is an enjoyable state of mind, similar to daydreaming, in which you become very receptive to proper suggestions.
  2. The effects are: wonderful feelings of calmness, tranquility and profound relaxation.
  3. You will not actually be asleep or unconscious. Therefore, you will always be aware of your surroundings, sounds, etc., but you will not be distracted.
  4. You will always remain in control and be able to awaken yourself at any time. You also retain the power to reject any unsuitable suggestions.
  5. You cannot remain in hypnosis. If you are left alone, you will come out of it on your own in just a few minutes.
  6. Clients experience hypnosis at different levels - light, medium or deep. Any level is sufficient to break most habits. The most important factor is your ability to accept and follow the suggestions.
  7. Anyone of average intelligence can achieve hypnosis to some degree. If you can concentrate and use your imagination, hypnosis will probably occur immediately. However some people need additional time and practice.
  8. You will NOT have amnesia... you will remember everything that you need to reach your goal.
  9. You cannot be hypnotized against your will. If you do not want to experience hypnosis... you won't.
  10. Many people, who do experience hypnosis, do not feel like they have been hypnotized ... it's a common feeling. Do not be concerned about it. Simply follow the suggestions and watch for positive results.
  11. Your attitude about reaching your goal with hypnosis is very important. Usually, good attitudes produce good results. Expect to be successful.
  12. Hypnosis is a very pleasant experience. Sit back, relax and enjoy it.

Remember, the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association have approved the use of hypnotherapy.

Common Misconceptions about hypnosis

“In hypnosis, a person has to do whatever the hypnotist says to do.”

You cannot be controlled and you won’t do anything while in a hypnotic state that you wouldn’t be likely to do in your normal state.  People will not accept any suggestions to do anything that is opposed to our morals, standards, ethics, beliefs, etc.  Since the subconscious mind will not allow you to be hypnotized against their will or accept any suggestions that are not in your best interests, even while in the hypnotic state, you retain full choice.  No one can be hypnotized unless they want and allow it to occur.

“If I am hypnotized I will lose control of myself.”

While in a hypnotic trance state you will actually gain greater control of yourself.  The only reason we will accept and follow post-hypnotic suggestions is that they are what we have told the hypnotherapist we want.  The “Law of Self-Preservation” will not allow us to accept a harmful suggestion.  No one has ever been injured by hypnosis.

Another misconception: "Not everyone can be hypnotized."

There are many levels of hypnosis.  Everyone can reach at least the lightest states of hypnosis if they are willing to be hypnotized.  If you ever “daydream,” suddenly realize that you have passed your exit on the freeway, meditate, or become immersed in a good book or movie, then you have been in a hypnotic state.  Everyone can be hypnotized if they want it to happen, believe and expect it to happen, and allow it to happen.

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