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Learn from someone who is in the field doing the job.

Dr H is the only trainer today  who will work as a consulting mentor with you for years to come at no additional cost.


Developed and taught by Dr. H. (Dr. Rick Honea Th.D, CH)

The most extensive and power packed training you will ever receive.

Don’t be fooled by those who offer training courses yet they themselves do not work full time at doing hypnosis shows. Learn from those who are out in the field getting the job done. Just because someone does stage hypnosis does not make them a good trainer. Why spend all that money to get home and not know how to build a career doing stage hypnosis.  If you want REAL professional one on one training then this course if for you.

Who has utilized the innovative training approach of Dr. H. ?  The State of Texas Judicial System of Forensic Hypnotists in a segment of training with Texas State Rangers:  Justin Tranze of Las Vegas had used Dr. H. as one of his trainers in his stage hypnotist training seminars held in Las Vegas. Success Group International.

TRAINING PACKAGE BONUSES are being offered to All Early Registrants at NO ADDITIONAL COST…

Instant, rapid, shock inductions taught in detail. You will be working with real volunteers right off the street. If you have been looking for that edge that will help you to explode your career, then Dr H is the right choice.

For more details:

Regular Price: $3995.00      Sales Price: $3495.00

Learn a career in one week. Safety course included for free.

Below is just a few of the highlights that will be covered.

Introduction & history of hypnosis and stage shows
* What some say about stage hypnosis today

Stage Hypnosis today:

*The importance of proper training. Pros & Cons
*Four good reasons why many never reach a level of
professionalism and success
*Pro’s & Con’s to today’s hypnotist trainers
*Defining the market today for training
*What makes this training program different that the others

Defining YOU the performer – creating your character be unique.
*Full time, part time or no time at all.
*How to know when is the right time.

Old school verses new school.
* Methods of deepening
* Inductions
* Stage Inductions – Old school and New School
* Testing and deepening
* Signs of hypnosis to look for
* Awakening Scripts & Techniques
* Cold reading your volunteers
* Video taping to DVD sales and more.

What not to do before the show
* Designing your show: The ABC’s OF Getting You Show
Started: How to start the show off.
* It all comes down to this Staging & being an entertainer
* Lighting
* Sound and sound systems
* Traveling on the road – air, ship, car, etc……

Pre-show activities & Music
* ASCAP or not to ASCAP :
* Royalty free music.
* Hagglers
* Preparing the audience with your pre talk
* Choosing the volunteers – Time Issues
* Starting your show
* Pre-write your show
* Stage presence – where and how to conduct yourself on stage
* Dismissing the volunteers correctly
* Closing the show
* How to get more BOR sales
* How to hypnotize on the spot – malls, restaurants etc.

Getting the gigs
* What to charge
* Advertising your show
* Marketing – what works and does not work

* Pre-show, Before the show, The Show
Standard starter kits
Ending show on high note
* B.O.R.S. and specialty advertising
* After the show – get the next booking

* To steal or not to steal – that is the question
* How to routine your show into an entertaining production
* Things that can go wrong.
* How to handle accidents and law suits
* Selling your videos, from the camera to the pocket book

Getting the gigs – Lead Program Software
* Advertising that works and doesn’t work
* How to take your career to the next
* Proper way to make professional promo packets that agents will notice
*  Photos for your promo kits:
* Page Promo Packs that agents will notice.
* Photography for your promo kit

DVD and VIDEO promos

* Your show and the Internet – web sites that get the gigs
* Agents & Agencies – pro’s and cons
* Four Walling
* fund raisers
* pricing your show

Ticket sales, TV, Radio, etc……

* Riders
* Photo Release Forms

Things to avoid…

Insurance needs…
* Breaking  down the wall
* the heart and soul of it all – Sharing it all.
* Recap on what to do to get started to moving into a full time career.
* FREE ongoing Mentoring program to all students

*Trainers special- to be announced!

Any one who takes the Breaking Down The Wall Stage Hypnosis Training will get access to the Bonus Training Packages which will consist of:
* How to conduct a stop-smoking seminar,
* How to conduct a loose weight seminar,
* How to set up and do a Live RADIO Hypno Show. and much more!

Two full days at a great reduced rate on only $500. The regular price for the Bonus Training Packages for those who have not taking the Breaking Down The Wall Stage Hypnosis Training is $1000