Beyond Your Imagination – Dr H Stage Hypnotist


How much do you charge?

We offer extremely competitive, and fully guaranteed rates. We end up working for our clients year after year, and develop solid friendships with the people with whom we work.
Please call for quotes on multiple programs.

Each program requires unique investments, all of which have an impact upon the bottom line for us, which translates to the bottom line for you.

To provide you with the best possible presentation, fees are based on several factors: the location of the event, the number of programs, the size of the group and the length of the presenter’s stay at the event location. Please call for a specific estimate.

Reduced rates for blocks (multiple shows) and Local shows!!!

Are there any additional expenses?

Depends on the contract. Yes. We charge for travel which includes round trip either by air or car.

Do you require room and board?
For programs that are more than 200 miles away we require room and board. One room with twin beds, non-smoking.

How far are you willing to travel?

The distance is determined by the fiscal commitment of the event coordinators. We travel all over the United States and International.

Do you have any presentation discounts?

You can get significant reduced rates if you schedule your event around the time when the presenter is already in your area or if you coordinate multiple bookings ( blocks ) with other groups in your vicinity. In general, multiple programs, shared by several groups will get you best rates.

For School or Church programs — contact us directly for block rates.

Are there special rates for business sponsors?

Yes, for business sponsors we offer highly competitive rates.

Are your shows clean?
Yes, all of our program are 100% fun and clean.

Can you deliver a motivational training with your show?
Yes, we can custom design our program to fit any corporate need that you may have.

How long have you been professional performing?
For twenty five years.

Do you require a contract and retainer fee?
Yes. Contract is email to you in a PDF format with input fields. A 50% retainer is required to lock in your show date.

Do you do fundraisers to help organizations?
Yes. See our fundraiser section. VIEW