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Why have a Prom/Graduation event?

The Model:
Proms and graduation ceremonies have often been the occasion for widespread drinking by students followed frequently by dangerous driving episodes. To Keep the students in a fun and safe environment local organizations, schools and parents organize will offer a safer alternative by having a lock-in event (or a all night party) that offers everyone a safer and hours of fun. Students will have so many fun and exciting memories for the years to come.

1. Keep you people safe and to build that last fun event of memories for a lifetime.
2. To involve parents in a formal program to help reduce drinking and driving

1. Find parents who will be willing to work on the project
2. Find local businesses that will supply prizes for drawings
3. Arrange for volunteers to work the party
4. Work with school officials and student leaders to gain their support
5. Secure a location for the party
6. Work with local newspapers, radio and tv stations to promote the event

1. Help to save lives from drinking and driving
2. Reinforce the efforts of parents who are trying to encourage their teens to be alcohol free
3. Attract new volunteers from parents, school officials and other agencies.
4. Gain publicity from the city and media

Key Note Speaking:
motivate audience members to:

*  follow their dreams
*  achieve their goals
*  sell more products
*  improve their relationships
*  develop a positive attitude
*  deal effectively with change
*  work well as part of a team
*  have more fun in life
*  provide excellent customer service
*  improve their health
*  reduce stress
*  achieve financial freedom
*  or anything else that can improve their lives

Making positive choices to help them:

*  say no to drugs
*  stay out of gangs
*  avoid teenage pregnancy
*  staying in school
*  setting goals
*  doing well in school
*  preparing for a career after graduation
*  developing leadership skills

Handling and resolving stress from:

*  conflict
*  fear
*  loss of employment
*  depression
*  missed opportunities
*  loss of a loved one

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Corporate – Colleges – Schools – Fairs – Seminars Holiday Functions – Resorts – Conventions – Churches – Camps – Trade Shows – Cruises – Private Parties – Motivational Speaking, Award banquets, Youth Outreach, Fund Raisers

* Corporate
* Award Banquets
* Birthday Parties
* Wedding Showers / Baby Showers
* Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties
* Christmas or other holiday Parties
* Anniversary Parties
* Graduation Parties / Lock ins
* Fund Raisers

* Going Away Parties